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As from today (1st March) face-coverings are no longer a requirement however it is still suggested to wear on when in a close space to others

The changes in England are:

-face coverings will be a personal choice for practical and theory test candidates and examiners
-driving tests will no longer end early unless the candidate’s driving is so poor it is a risk to their safety and that of other road users – in line with the pre-COVID-19 policy
-your instructor and accompanying drivers are able to sit in on driving tests
you no longer have to self isolate if you have COVID-19, but we encourage you to rearrange your test if you feel unwell for any reason

DVSA guidance on GOV.UK will be updated shortly.

Face Coverings

You will have personal choice on whether you want to wear a face covering on your driving or theory test from today 1 March in England.

You will no longer have to let the DVSA know if you cannot wear a face covering in advance of their driving test from 1 March.

The driving examiners can also make a personal choice to wear a face covering if they wish.

Face coverings continue to be a personal choice for you and your instructor during driving lessons in England.


Instructors sitting in on tests

There is no more restrictions on Driving Instructors and accompanying drivers to sit in on a driving test from 1 March.

This means that driving examiners will ask you if you want someone to:

-sit in the back of the car during the test

-be with you for the result and feedback


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